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you foolish gals and your pictures

Norton Simon Museum trip. <3. yes.
edit: i forgot i changed the links. 3 cheers for picutres.

ashely and pamela in the bus.

pit stop. ash and pam waiting at burger king.

roy playing a game at the stop.

on the grapevine

SNOW. on like one mountain. ha.

pyramid lake.. i couldnt really get the pyramid.. sorry.

"farewell scenic highway overpass" entering LA.. obviously.

Norton Simon Museum.. out front = im sure you'll recognize Rodin's thinker..

Paintings.. i couldnt remember all artists.. sorry.
wedding scene:

Rembrandt's self portriat:

happy lovers:

inside of St. Peters:

van gough.. i think..

Degas sculptures.

i so have this on my wall and was STOKED to see the actual one in the museum.

Pablo Picasso:
girl and guitar..


bird in space.. anyways this was made and brought over to new york in like the 20's.. they didnt know what it was since it was like the first abstract sculpture.. they thought it was a medical tool. this thing is like huge. like 8 feet high. there wasnt supposed to be a tax on art.. but since they didnt believe it was art they did. Huge court case over the battle on "what is art" ... which is why we have the freedom we do. really interesting. <3.

HUGE MURAL. like big!

the garden.. yay <3333!

2 ducks and a turtle.

relics from the east. awesome awesome stuff.

shiva lord of the dance. stoked to see this in person as well.

the librarian

i dont know but it was really cool.

mona lisa with a mustache


we finished and got bored..

senior citizens came in.

on the road again.. back to the valley..

awesome awesome awesome time.

cant wait for the next museum.
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