Dorian (localgirl3) wrote,

sleep over

Last night me and my buds nayeli, carolina, claudia and karen went to adrians party. I only drank a litte cuz i was gonna have to drive every one else back to my house. Nayeli didnt drink that much cuz she had her car too and claudia knows how to hold her liquor. So flippin carolina takes to shots of vodka and is drunk off her ass doing the robot and asking for lap dances, she got a little too loud and someone called so i had to carry her to the restroom so she wasnt as loud. Karen i dunno how much she drank but she looked stoned so we took her outside where she started throwing up and falling asleep. So i had to carry carolina to my car and pricillas b/f helped nayeli carry karen to my car. She was passed out. As soon as i pulled up karen threw up and just missed my carpet thank goodness. Carolina was brought inside lying on the living room floor. We had to get karen in cuz she was just dead weight. So i brought the wheel barrow and we wheeled her in. Nayeli and claudia took karen a shower cuz she had throw up on her and i was washing my car cuz it had a bunch of penis' on it. when i came in i found carolina threw up on the carpet so that had to be cleaned. then we got the video camera and started having fun w/ them. Drunk people are funny. Except when they get throw up on you.
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