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my friend Travis had a show in bakersfield. so i went and recorded it. not a lot of kids showed up. and like no hardcore kids did because it was mainly a punk thing but krystal and i went to show love to our homies. and they put on one hell of a show with more fucking energy ive ever seen them put out. <3.

mike v. travis. sean. eddie. mike p. = ashen sonnet. dont be a douchebag and listen to them.


eddie did a ninja kick over travis while he was growling.

Travis owns.

mike v. travis. eddie. mike p.

slumber party in a hotel suite.

krystal and roz = travis' gf.

roz doing her freaky arm stretching thing.
then after hours in the jacuzzi till 2 in the morning then staying up with friends.. time for bed.

krystal and roz

me and roz.

krystal is creepy.

my ass. roz's ass.

halloween. travis had another show. w/ terrah. lots of friends=goodtimes.

travis and krystal

krystal and eddie
(eddie hates krystal and told her that at that moment. he has journals of how much he hates her and it written all over the walls in his house. its awesome.)

me and krystal

i always look mean in pictures. eh.

hardcore dancers vs moshers.

kyle was a "fucking pumpkin" and krystal made fun of him throughout the night and wanted to through rocks at him. but his costume was proabably the highlight of the night. and eddie is two stepping in this pic and travis was ready to kick and hit kids.

hardcore dancers.

kyle during terrah's set = best picture ever by krystal.

fun show.

annnd kyle hardcore dancing in the pumpkin suit.

enough pictures of my weekend.
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