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pictures are worth a million words..   
09:44am 19/04/2005
mood: excited
so... i went to las vegas.
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weekend with pictures = fun. yay.   
05:21am 10/03/2005
mood: jubilant
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friday: boring. but wanted to do something. sooo we go to dennys. with sarah and jenny. haha. and we colored while we waited for food. you know one of those easter coloring contests for kids up to 10 years of age. yeah. we're cool. then johnny johnny johnny and chris show up outside our window. and we hang out outside with them in the parking lot all night. we were bored after and dance ontop of the roof of the parking lot. i had to pee and pissed in the corner. and accidentally got some on my pants. then i went back to dancing.
saturday: go to hanford. pick up randall. woot. he loses his cigar in my air vent of my car. we go to krystals and get her and lorie. then we go to howie and sons. we had soo many people there. us. sarah. ashely. steven. ashuley <3. little johnny. geneva. maria. rick. sabel. mario. dennis. johnny johnny johnny. chris. and the punk rockers. hardcore kids were there. we all hung out outside and literally filled the parking lot. man we're rad. then a couple of us went to dennys. like always. then we go back to howies to see the band from japan. DMBQ. well we didnt see them cuz we hung out outside. they sounded awesome though. then we go to a party. which when we came into their small house they were throwing around a beach ball at eachother like indoors dodgeball. fucking drunks. i love them. that was pretty much the night.
sunday: um krystal got her tat re-done. spanky(tattoo artist/piercer) was asking for me which makes me happy because he's too cute. and thats about it
monday: supposed to go walking with steven. but nooo he wasnt there. and then we went to the 99cent store which was fun.
tuesday: at like 3 in the morning.. me and kayleb are offically together. wow.. didnt see this one coming.
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laugh till your stomach rips open   
02:06pm 05/03/2005
mood: blank
my conversation with nayeliface yesterday.
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you foolish gals and your pictures   
01:20pm 28/02/2005
mood: geeky
Norton Simon Museum trip. <3. yes.
edit: i forgot i changed the links. 3 cheers for picutres.

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fist fight   
07:51pm 24/02/2005
mood: artistic

the storm that came up from LA was lovely. there was lightning everywhere. i wish it came a little closer though.

09:41pm 02/11/2004
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for lil des   
03:22am 30/09/2004
  since i was on here.. this one gets the picture. for lil des: Rufio's guitar case. <3.


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12:49am 14/09/2004

i got a new journal. its in the process of being created and worked on but its there... thismarkremains



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jeff again   
03:02pm 26/10/2003
mood: geeky
another fantastic away message from jeff.

so i was fucking a 60 yr old man in his ass last nite and i came to the realization that i was indeed fucking a 60 yr old man in his ass .......and then i continued


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jeff makes me laugh   
08:26pm 22/10/2003
mood: bouncy
jeff's away message

"how in the fuck does barbara streisand win a god damn grammy while john stamos gets fucked in the ass like usual and gets no god damn grammy of his own for his song forever........god damnit!"

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sleep over   
03:40pm 29/09/2002
  Last night me and my buds nayeli, carolina, claudia and karen went to adrians party. I only drank a litte cuz i was gonna have to drive every one else back to my house. Nayeli didnt drink that much cuz she had her car too and claudia knows how to hold her liquor. So flippin carolina takes to shots of vodka and is drunk off her ass doing the robot and asking for lap dances, she got a little too loud and someone called so i had to carry her to the restroom so she wasnt as loud. Karen i dunno how much she drank but she looked stoned so we took her outside where she started throwing up and falling asleep. So i had to carry carolina to my car and pricillas b/f helped nayeli carry karen to my car. She was passed out. As soon as i pulled up karen threw up and just missed my carpet thank goodness. Carolina was brought inside lying on the living room floor. We had to get karen in cuz she was just dead weight. So i brought the wheel barrow and we wheeled her in. Nayeli and claudia took karen a shower cuz she had throw up on her and i was washing my car cuz it had a bunch of penis' on it. when i came in i found carolina threw up on the carpet so that had to be cleaned. then we got the video camera and started having fun w/ them. Drunk people are funny. Except when they get throw up on you.  

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